Are You Really REALLY Ready For NaNoWriMo?

It just dawned on me this morning…NaNo starts in two days!  TWO DAYS PEOPLE!  Are you excited?

I’ve been planning since–oh–mid October.  I think I’m ready, but since this is my first time–who really knows?

I’ve done my outline on Storyist which was amazing.  I was able to decide all the brass tacks of the characters down on paper and finesse the finer points–like the layout of their homes and jobs.  I’ve given my mind a few days off…and I started my Christmas shopping–just so that it won’t be a distraction.  My office is blessedly finished, so I will have a quite place to write long into the evening.

How are you all doing?  Getting ready??


This Thing Is Pretty Remarkable

I have to share this because I just discovered it…AND I LOVE IT!

Have you ever stumbled upon a product so perfect you just want to know why you didn’t come across it sooner?  For me, that product is Storyist.

If you haven’t heard of this really inventive, user friendly software…let me have the honor of passing it on.

Storyist is basically, in short, the writers software.  It allows you to map out your story with pictures, sticky-notes, cork board post-it notes for plotting and all the other really amazing things that you wish you had–but didn’t have before.

Speaking only for myself, it allows me work like no other software I’ve used.  And, even better, it’s allowing my second novel to come together visually–which will only stand to make it better in the long run.  It keeps me organized and thoughtful.  It brings my characters into a new dimension, it allows me to hone in the the finer details of their lives–like their homes, or family room.  It saves me time, keeping my voice and vision consistent–which, as many of us know, can get muddy the further along we go.


I encourage you to download it–15 days for free.  Try it.  See if it works for you…no harm in that.  The software price is a reasonable $59.00 and even better…if your a NaNoWriMo member, you can score an additional 25% off with a special code!

I also should note–since many of you may be Indie Authors–Storyist has dumbed down the formatting processing, making it super easy to upload directly from the software to your Kindle account and ePub account.  Anything for simplicity–right?

I simply cannot beg you all hard enough to try this–at least for 15 days.  It’s an amazing product, and does truly help with your craft–start to finish!