This Has Been A Wild Year

Nearly one year ago my life was completely and entirely different.  I was a wife, a puppy-parent, I worked 50 hours a week … and those things haven’t changed.  I’m still a wife, I still have my wild pack of Chihuahuas running my house and I still work 50 hours a week.  But now, in addition to all of those really fortunate things, I’m a published author — and that is a huge, really mind-bending accomplishment.

I spent yesterday reflecting on the changes the past 360-some-odd days have seen.  Everything from shedding self-doubt, to starting this blog, to really learning the flesh and bone nature of publishing.  In sum, I guess the only conclusion I can draw is that this has been a wild year.  One I’m thankful for beyond words … because this was a dream.

I’ll admit, this whole process looks very little like how I thought it would.  If you had told at the start of this I would be self published, I would have laughed.  Not because I think there is anything remotely wrong about with going it alone — but rather because it felt, in beginning, insurmountable.  Genuinely, I thought I’d have an agent, a contract, that The Milestone Tapes would hit store shelves far, far in the future.  But I can’t say I regret things working out like they did … actually, just the opposite.  I know so much more about this industry than I would have learned had things worked out differently.  And with that comes a sense of pride and faith — that I never need the agent or the publisher, that I can make own way with things and do it all in my own terms.

One of my favorite moments: This book that no one believed in — that every agent and every publisher turned away because it was a hard sale made the top 40 most requested books on Goodreads.

I want to thank you all, so much, for taking this journey with me … this, right now, is where it was always going.  The moment when The Milestone Tapes would be available on Amazon and Nook and a few bookstores … where I could say “okay, I did it … and now I’m ready for what comes next.”

Seriously … the followers of my blog, the comment contributors, have really made a difference.  I know I don’t say it enough … but your time and consistency have mattered to me more than you’ll ever really understand.

This has been a wild ride, but I can promise you it’s only beginning … I have more stories in me and I can’t wait to tell them.

Sincerely & With Love & Gratitude,