eBook Festival! Mark your calendars, register now!

I am incredibly excited to be able to announce that it’s officially happening.  Courtesy of the wonderful Julie Dawson over at Bards & Sages publishing, we indie authors finally have a festival all our own … and yes, it’s going to be amazing!

What’s better … I’ll be an active panelist on Sunday August 19th at 5:00pm EST for the Social Issues in Fiction event … as well as moonlighting at moderator.  Watch out … I’m practicing my skills of reading snark and using emoticons to cut down the BS.  Just kidding, of course, I think the panel — which is hosted by other authors who tread in the deep waters of emotional turmoil — will bring you thought provoking commentary and address any/all questions!

All and all, it’s a great place for readers and writers a like and I couldn’t possibly encourage you all more to take a seat!

Registration starts now for a weekend of all things eBooks including some pretty sweet swag!



Official Press Release:

eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards

Bellmawr, NJ: The eFestival of Words Virtual Book Fair announces the nominees for the first Best of the Independent eBook Awards. The complete list of nominees can be found at www.efestivalofwords.com.

The eFestival of Words, scheduled for August 17-19, 2012, is the first virtual book fair designed specifically to highlight the best of the independent digital publishing community. The awards program is one of many events being ran in conjunction with the fair.

According to Event Coordinator Julie Ann Dawson, “The goal of the eFestival of Words Awards is to highlight those independent authors and publishers that have worked to raise the bar in terms of the literary quality and production value and of digital books. Many people still think of ebooks as nothing more than scanned pages of print books. We hope that both the fair and the awards will help readers discover the amazing wealth of original content being produced in digital formats.”

Dawson, who has operated Bards and Sages Publishing since 2002, says that all nominees were nominated by their peers in the industry. Only authors, publishers, and others involved in the production of digital books were invited to submit ballots. Nominations were accepted in over two dozen categories, including genre categories (horror, romance, thrillers, etc), format-specific (short story, novella, novel) and a few just-for-fun categories (such as The “I’ve Been Shyamalaned” Award for Best Twist Ending).

Each category will be narrowed down further seven finalists, which will be announced July 1, 2012. Final voting will be opened to all registered attendees of the eFestival of Words, with winners announced on the last day of the fair. Registration is free and entitles the attendees to not only vote in the final awards, but also participate in panel discussion, author chats, workshops, and more.

For more information on the fair and the awards, visit www.efestivalofwords.com.