Number 68 People, Number 68!

Tonight was one of those over-the-top, absolutely amazing, jump up and down and then scream wildly at the top of my lungs moments.  Only, I didn’t jump or scream, I’m still too sick for that nonsense — instead, I called my husband (who was out celebrating his win with is “old man” hockey team) … I told him to buy everyone a round on me, I was number 68 and I felt like celebrating.

I’m still on antibiotics and can’t drink, so I celebrated with some grape gatorade … whose jealous now?!  Watch out, I’m a real wild one.

Here’s how it happened …

My Goodreads giveaway is ending shortly, only three more days and then it’s done.  It’s been fun to watch the numbers climb, watching the trends and lags … tonight when I checked, I had finally broken the barrier into over a 1000 requests, that was my goal — my “wouldn’t be amazing if” when it came to the whole giveaway thing.

I get that everyone likes free stuff, but that was pretty cool nonetheless considering first time giveaways generally net around (according to the e-mail Goodreads sent me) 500 requests.  They, in all their wisdom, encourage a second giveaway where the average peaks to about 800 requests.  I have clearly smashed both of those numbers with my little book.

Then, I started getting curious … with my “1000+” requests … where did I rank in the “most requested” … so I found my novel, did some simple math and it came out to … the 68th most requested novel.

That’s when I got really excited.

The thing is, being an Indie Author is a lot of small accomplishments.  Quiet accomplishments.  More often than not it’s defined by the things you wanted and never got.  I wanted an agent … nope.  I wanted a publisher … nope.  I wanted to be taken seriously … that was lukewarm.  Until tonight, with my own steam and own work this is what I accomplished.

Right now, there are just shy of 1500 active giveaways … and to be honest, I’ve never ranked anywhere near that high in anything.  Not my high school class ranking, not alphabetically … you get where I’m going with this right?

What this had done is bigger than giving me a moment of sheer joy … it’s been the encouragement I needed to continue writing.  I’m knee deep into In The After … sometimes it’s harder to write than others. I’ve been sick, planning for our upcoming trip, distracted by the promotion for The Milestone Tapes … but I’ve been trying.  Now, I can’t wait to sit down to write and I cannot wait to see what this next book will do.

I cannot begin to put into words the gratitude I feel towards these people willing to take a chance on a first time writer.  Now, I know that the copies are free and there is nothing at stake for the people who signed up … but it matters to me that these independent readers even bothered to click on the cover and read the description.  I guess it’s really because of all those agents who considered this novel unsalable, they’re beginning to be proven wrong … I believed that this book would mean something to someone and I wasn’t wrong pushing forward with the project.  It’s validation … in short … of everything I believed in and everything I worked.

So, I’m climbing off my soapbox now … I just wanted to celebrate for a minute.

And So The Giveaway Ends

Tonight, at midnight, I will be drawing winners … check your e-mail starting tomorrow to find out if you won!  So excited to get the book into your hands … just finished proofing!  Congratulations in advice to the winners, I was overwhelmed by the entries, you all just too sweet!  Thank you for your participation.  More giveaways to come as I start my umpteen month long tour leading up to the official release!


I want to say Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law who reads this blog all the time.  I’m so grateful to have you in my life and I couldn’t have ended up better mother-in-law … thank you, so much, for all your support … it means the world to me always.


Stay tuned, as THE MILESTONE TAPES and the journey to publication comes to an end … we’re off and running on the follow up, IN THE AFTER.  I cannot wait to start sharing the details of the novel with you and I hope you’ll love the story of Sidney and Emmy as much as I do.



Totally Random & Tons Of Swag

With the Holiday’s now behind us, I can focus totally on another season of giving … the launch of my book!

I am really excited to announce that this blog and my website will be hosting “The Milestone Tapes Giveaway Extravaganza” … I kind of feel like Oprah right now — or a much smaller scale, of course!  The only thing better than getting free stuff is giving free stuff.

How It Works:

Over the next few weeks you (and others) will have the chance to enter this really fun giveaway before the release of The Milestone Tapes.  It’s all about the build up to actually going live and the release of my first book … it’s a big celebration!  At the conclusion, winners will be chosen at random.

Who Can Play:

Anyone and everyone.  I encourage you to tell your friends, family and coworkers.  But, before you do … please read the rules and fine print.

How To Enter:

Entering the contest is fairly simple.

1. Visit my website, … from there, go to the link “contact me” … in the subject field write CONTEST ENTRY.  Fill in the body of text with your full name and e-mail address, Twitter handle and Facebook name, as that’s how I’ll contact you if you win and keep track of your entries.

2. “Like” me on Facebook, you’re entered again!

And there is more still!

3. By tweeting #themilestonetapesnovel and my name @AshMP you’re eligible for another entry*****

That’s a lot of chances … but let’s talk about what you’ll be winning, shall we?

What You Win:

There are two tiers of prizes in this giveaway totaling 10 great prizes!

Runners Up

9 winners will be entitled to an advanced signed copy of The Milestone Tapes in print.

The Grand Prize

1 lucky person will win …

-1 advanced reading copy of The Milestone Tapes in print–signed of course.

-Copy in eBook format for their …

-Brand new Kindle Basic WiFi with special offers (US version).

Okay … now we’ve talked about what you can win, let’s discuss the terms and conditions.

The Fine Print

-The giveaway contest will run from January 9th until February 9th, beginning immediately once this post goes live.  All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm CST February 9th to be counted.

-Your first entry MUST be done via my website … it’s the way I will keep track of entries and the people who submit them.  If you opt not to register with my contact form you forfeit the opportunity to win.

-Each entry (website, Twitter or Facebook) earns you ONE chance to win … the more you enter, the better your odds.  Winners will be selected at random using and contacted by me within 1 week from close of contest.

-Twitter entries are limited to one per person per day.  If it is found that one user is accessing multiple accounts, that user will forfeit all potential prizes and be pulled from the drawing … no ifs ands or buts about it.*****

-Prizes will be awarded by me within 1 month of closing the contest.  This means, expect your haul by March 9th.  In case of unforeseen delays, winners will be contacted.

-Prizes have no cash value … this means, if you win a copy of the book and don’t want it I can’t just give you cash instead … same goes for the Kindle or eBook.

-Winners will be contacted by me following the drawing.  If the winner does not reply within 5 days, the winner forfeits his or her prize and another winner will be picked at random.

-Amazon is not sponsoring this contest and is held harmless, whatever that means.

-E-mail addresses will not be stored nor sold.  I do solemnly swear not to junk mail you at all, ever!  Literally nothing is worse than junk mail, agreed?

-If you win a copy of The Milestone Tapes you are not required to leave a review … though, it would be nice … 🙂

-The winner of the grand prize will receive the e-version of The Milestone upon publication (mid March) via Amazon as a “gift” through e-mail once their new Kindle is registered.  I will not be mailing out unsecured PDF versions at this time.

-By signing up, you give me permission to use your real name (Facebook, Twitter) in the announcement of winners … should you win.

-The Kindle being given away is the $79.00 US version — this includes the WiFi and valuable special offers.  If you’re entering from another country, please contact Amazon prior to entry to ensure that you will be able to use the device in your region or that you will be able to exchange it for the model that will work.  I am not responsible for ensuring the device will work where you live, nor do I take on the responsibility of working out an exchange on your behalf.

So …

That’s that.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about this giveaway!  Good luck and enjoy!

A Chance To Win The Milestone Tapes!

I’ve partnered with Goodreads to give away 5 autographed copies of THE MILESTONE TAPES in March.  If you’re interesting in getting your hot little hands on an advanced reading copy complete with name scribbled in black sharpie … now’s the time folks!  Get while the getting’s good!

Direct link to entry

But, don’t worry if you don’t luck out on this deal … I’m scheming up all sorts of sweet swag winning opportunities as the launch draws ever closer.  We’re talking e-versions, print copies, and hey … maybe even your very own Kindle preloaded with the book and shipped with love!

It’s really real … and it’s happening so soon!