It’s Alive!

After working on the website for just shy of a month … worrying all the details like font and imagery … writing all sorts of copy, and then bashing my head into a wall, and rewriting it again … exchanging e-mails with an amazing designer in a far away place … it’s ALIVE.  My website, my formal “how-do-you-do” is up and running.

It’s sort of whimsical … very beautiful … and it speaks of my dreamy nature.  Scarlett nailed it down perfectly, and I really don’t believe I could be happier.  Actually, I know I couldn’t be happier.  It was exactly what I wanted.  It’s very “author” and equally user-friendly.

I’m excited to formally introduce you all to my professional door step …

The site will be slower than my blog … I won’t be frantically updating it unless there is something important to say.  It will be … above all … professional.