Authors For Wounded Warriors

This is your fair warning that the following post is going to be sort of preachy …

Every year my husband, Mark, plays in a hockey game called Guns ‘n’ Hoses, an event held at the esteemed Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.  He plays “old man hockey” (as I affectionately call it with a group of men who happen to be police officers — the team is called Skatin’ Bacon — too funny!).  And each year the game benefits a charity.  In 2012, all the proceeds of the event went to support a home where adults with disabilities can live comfortably and have a sense of normalcy.  In 2013 the charity selected was the Wounded Warrior Project (for the remainder of this update, I’ll be referring to it simply as WWP).

As an author, every single day I get to enjoy the benefits of a country that is free.  I exercise freedom of speech in my novels.  I live am able to research the themes of my novels because of the freedom of the press.  And then, on a very base level, I get to live my dream of being a storyteller because there is no one to tell me I can’t.  As readers or authors, you all enjoy the same benefits.  How lucky are we?

But freedom, as they say, is never free.  Brave men and women fight for my right and yours to live the sort of lives we choose for ourselves.  They give of themselves so we can live in a land that, while not perfect, is safe and liberally minded and allows us the latitude to speak our piece.

When my husband told me that the game this year would be played for the WWP, I knew it was responsibility and even more than that, my honor, to arrange a donation to assist in raising additional funds.  I knew the first step would be brainstorm.

My idea was to super load one Kindle that could be silently auctioned off. And as luck would have it, I just so happen to belong to a community that is not only large, but largely benevolent and generous.

I sent out the call on a blustery Saturday morning, asking if any writers would be willing to donate a copy of their book to be loaded onto the Kindle and eventually auctioned off.  I figured, conservatively, I’d get maybe 15-20 books.  But the kindness of others never fails to amaze me. Within the first hours of announcing the project, I’d received e-mails sent from locations around the world, not just the United States … and my little project went from being me with my fingers crossed, to being international initiative.

I figured, at some point, the donations would taper off … they didn’t.  It grew.  Fast.  Traditionally published authors caught the scent and before I knew it, I was being BCC on e-mail exchanged with the powers-that-be at some of the Big Six houses.

Would I accepted gifted books from Amazon?  Yes!

How about print copies?  Yes!

Do you need gift certificates?  Yes!

How about some swag?  Sign me up!

To date, more than 80 authors have shared their literary works in hopes of super-loading that Kindle, and now we’re filling book shelves too.  And with more than 150 books offered up in the name of charity, I call this venture, unabashedly, a raging success.

On March 30th this absolutely stunning offering will be auctioned off silently.  Every single dollar raised will go directly to wounded warriors and their families as they begin the journey to healing … the wealth will be spread, the benefits enjoyed and in a small, yet significant way, we will all have paid back their kindness and generosity with a bit of our own.

Submissions close on March 22nd … so until then, please, if you have an interest in donating (gift cards, books, swag, whatever!) contact me at:

ashley (at) ashleymacklerpaternostro (dot) com

More information can be found at :


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