I’m Going All In

Last night, I made a decision … we’ll lovingly call it the May Day choice.

I’ve decided, starting May 2, 2012 or as soon as the “pending” icon beside The Milestone Tapes vanishes, I’ll be going Select.  100% in it.  100% Amazon.

Two months ago I took a risk, a calculated risk, but still a risk.  I self published.  This book that no agent believed in has since gone on to gather glowing reviews … after 14 on Goodreads I’m still a strong 4.5 stars.  I thought, in the beginning, that market saturation would be the key to this novels success.  That if everyone had the chance to own it, I’d be selling smart.

Two months later, data has proven, my original stance was wrong.  No, market saturation and a bagillion blog tours isn’t making this book rise and shine in the rankings.  Here is the break down.

B&N – 3 copies sold

Smashwords (et all) – 2 gifted, 0 sales.

Amazon on the other hand accounts for almost 100% of the interest in both paperback and eBook.

It wasn’t a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants decision I made when I decided to pull my title from Smashwords and B&N … it was calculated.  It was ultimately based on where I was seeing the book sell and the opportunities the book would have if I gave the rights exclusively to Amazon and Select.

Select will give my title, in a perfect world, more visibility.  The glorious free days will also let readers take the chance on a book they otherwise might not buy.

All of that aside, what ultimately made my mind up (outside of the advice of David Adams, a gifted writer and fellow author friend) is that I shopped at Macy’s.  Just follow my thought here for a moment …

My sister was looking for a dress for an upcoming engagement party and we decided that Macy’s would probably have the right selection for her needs.  As we browsed the racks I noticed a few things … there is such a thing as brand exclusivity.  Macy’s carried Ralph Lauren while Sears does not.  Why?  Because Ralph Lauren probably sells better at Macy’s.  So while RL does have stand-alone stores that I’m guessing do well with the preppy Americana crowd, they also let Macy’s act on their behalf because it works as well at the department store.

Select is not really so different.  Books are a commodity.  Selling them where they actually sell rather than where they don’t is, in a word, smart.

I have to be smart.  I have to take things at face value.  So, ultimately, for the next three months I’m going all in.


4 thoughts on “I’m Going All In

  1. Best of luck on your “May Day” choice you’ve decided to make. Glad your not giving up on your dream of being being a successful author just because your first self published venture didn’t go as planned. I think a lot of potentially great authors fall into that trap and relinquish their dreams. Please keep posting to keep everyone updated on things! 🙂

  2. I think I’m getting to that same point. I hope to have Book Two of my series out by the middle of summer. Just trying to figure out if I should try select now with the first book or do it with both books once the 2nd is out. It’s so frustrating doing decent to awesome in reviews, but not getting the sales/exposure. I’m literally sitting on the points of the picket fence and it’s getting uncomfortable up here! Need to make a decision soon! Good luck with yours!

  3. Hello, I found your book as a free kindle download on Amazon and I read it in about a day. I struggled not to cry several times, it was incredibly moving and emotional. I just wanted to say that you’ve written a beautiful story, and I’ll be on the look out for more books by you! Keep it up!

    • Hi Bailey,

      I am so excited you were able to grab a copy of The Milestone Tapes during it’s first free run … and even more thrilled that you really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement … I’m writing this message while I take a break from my writing my next book, I promise, more is coming!


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