I Love This Story …

So, we’ve talked and talked and talked about self publishing becoming the “new” publishing, like pink becoming the “new” black.  And, we’ve all probably assumed that along the way to this brave new future we’d pick up some key players who were once published traditionally … but who saw this one coming?!

Well, it’s happening.  J.K Rowling’s with her Pottermore … and now, Jackie Collins.  Yes, that Jackie Collins.

When I was about nineteen I went through this really smutty phase.  Along with novels like She’s Come Undone and Backroads, I also purchased Jackie Collins novels (mostly on tape because her british-y accent lulled me to sleep at night) and Dannielle Steel.  Now, I wouldn’t call Steel’s novels smutty, they’re more the warm & fuzzy sort of read with an add water recipe of romance … but Collins, yeah, she’s a little lascivious.  All the sex, death and mayhem one could possibly want.

Needless to say, I was a fan of her Lucky character and the sickly delicious, totally salacious Hollywood inspired novels.  They only got better for me when Collins fessed up that yeah, they were inspired by true and not-so-true events.  “Yum!” said the gossip girl lurking inside my soul.

While I’ve retired most of my Collins cassettes to the .25 cent table at my garage sale, I still have the utmost respect for a writer who can be so wickedly good.

And now this. (click the link for the full story!)

Here’s what thrilled me about the news …

Collins is a good writer.  She’s had blockbuster success with her stories, but she’s also smart.  It’s pretty impressive to see a writer who has a long standing career acknowledge, full on, that things are actually changing.  She’s not trying to pull punches or talk into fancy industry lingo, she’s just telling the truth.  You have to respect her and her balls on that one.  While she’s not totally turning off the lights on her trade career, it’s exciting to see her venturing that big toe into the self-pub game.

I’m sure she doesn’t need it … but still, I wish her tons of success!


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