Have You Ever Wondered What My Voice Sounds Like?

Well, first of all, I sound like I’m about 12.  Nice, right?

But seriously, tomorrow I’ll be on Barry Eva’s acclaimed online radio show “A Book and A Chat” at 6:30 EST.  It’s a call-in show which make for an interesting time.  I’ll admit, I’m terrified.

Anyway, more information can be found here!

I hope to hear from you all!!


3 thoughts on “Have You Ever Wondered What My Voice Sounds Like?

  1. Ooh, a radio interview — that sounds like nerve-racking fun! I don’t know that I can commit to being there live, but make sure to share the link once the show becomes available, and I’ll carve out the time to listen. (:

    Have a blast, Ashley!

  2. You know something? I answered the phone one day and said, “Hello?” The man on the other end answers. “Could I talk to your Daddie?” I…calmly replied back, “I’m his wife, may I ask who’s calling?” Yes, I too sound like a young girl when actually I’m at the ripe old age where I can legally ask for a “Senior coffee” at McDonalds.

    Radio interviews are a breeze, you’ll do just fine. I did one for the radio station in Ottawa for my book signing I was having there, but I will wish you luck and just have fun with it!

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