Kony 2012

Today I was all set to write a post on the importance of publicity … of how to get your name out there, organized …

Then, I saw a video.  And my plans, like plans sometimes do, changed.

Sometimes there are forces you cannot ignore … and this, for me, was one of them.  Grateful am I to have this little platform to raise awareness about the book publishing and writing … but even more than that, I am blessed to have the way into your lives to put a spotlight on bigger issues.  Today, I’m taking full advantage.

Joseph Kony.  You may have heard of him … or, maybe not.  I certainly hadn’t until a link to a very long YouTube video slipped into my in-box.

Who is he?  The one word answer?  A terrorist.  The long answer?  A soulless warlord who is fighting for nothing but power. His crimes?  Are against humanity.  His army?  A band of kidnapped children.  Girls become sex slaves.  Boys become murders.  And he becomes more powerful for the lives he snatches up and takes away.

This link below will answer all the questions you may have:


If you’re reading this … chances are you have a blog, a Facebook page, followers … what I’m asking is simple.  Stand on your soapbox and SCREAM.  We’re all in an interesting position, one we’ve created for ourselves … we have voices, we are not invisible.

What’s happen in Uganda is wrong … and now, it’s spreading.  I encourage you all to post the above link on your pages, tweet it, drive others to look, to watch, to see and ultimately to care.  At the end of the day, these are just children and they need help.



Your Turn!

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