Which Cover? I Simply Can’t Decide …

Well … Renu has done it again.  And, I’m hopelessly confused.  Each cover is beautiful in its own right.  So, help a writer out … which cover would you like to see IN THE AFTER published with?  If your vote goes towards the winning cover, your name will appear in the gratitude portion of the novel!


Book Cover Number One












Book Cover Number Two












Book Cover Number Three












Book Cover Number Four











Please feel free to leave comments explaining your choice if you’re so inclined …


10 thoughts on “Which Cover? I Simply Can’t Decide …

  1. I chose #3 because the lettering looks more like fairies, or girlie. It goes with the cover of the woman in the field of flowers. #1 was good to if it’s a horror story. I didn’t like #4 because the lettering was too normal and positioned directly in the center (like any other cover). And, #3 the lettering was too together because the crossing of the first letters in each word runs together. It looks like one complete word instead of 3 words. But, like you said all the covers look amazing–it would definitely spark my interest if I came across it on a bookshelf or website. Hope this heips.

    Keep smiling,

  2. #3 would most make me want to pick the book off the shelf and investigate further.

    #1’s style came over a little messy, and #2 was almost difficult to read. #4 was beautiful and a close second choice, but the whimsy of #3 made it my ultimate pick. There’s a sort of fairytale quality about it (I can so easily see it reading “Ever After”, perhaps with a “Happily” in front) that goes well with the image of the girl in the field.

  3. Would it change any of your opinions if you were to learn that the book is about woman who disappears and the emotional turmoil surrounding the first few days?

  4. Just a few points:

    I would argue the case for number 4, it comes across as a little more adult than number 3, having said that number 3 does fit a little better with the image of the woman surrounded by butterflies.

    Number 1 the ‘I’ and the ‘N’ seem really far apart and jar a little as you read the text.

    Number 2 is difficult to read.

    Is there a specific reason for putting ‘A Novel’ underneath ‘In The After’?
    Surely most people will have twigged that it’s a novel?

    • In the genre of Lit Fic “a novel” is commonplace on the cover.

      I like #4 as well … my only hesitance, and why I almost didn’t list it at all, is because the font (at a glance) is incredibly similar to THE MILESTONE TAPES. I don’t want to pigeonhole myself with font. This book, IN THE AFTER, is a very different, much darker story.

      I like #3 as well … a lot actually. My fear is that with playful nature of the font, the darkness of the story may come as a surprise. The cover and the butterflies comes out only at then end of the novel … and I’ll actually be blogging about the way those butterflies saved this story.

      #1 … I feel like the font lends itself to the meat of the novel most truly. It’s not a happy read. It’s about domestic abuse and the fall out of the disappearance of a women through the eyes of her friend. It’s graphic and little gory at times.

      #2 was the original font I loved. But, seeing it over and over again makes me feel that, in thumbnail, it might be hard to read …

      Keep voting folks, I’m loving the conversation and results!

      • Okay fair points 🙂 If you went for cover 1 then, it might work a little more smoothly if you are able to close the gap between ‘In’ and ‘the’ a little more? I’m not sure if that is possible or not. If the story you’re telling is a darker story than I would agree that either 1 or 4 are the best options. If you feel that the font on 4 is too similar to your other book then I would be inclined more towards number 1 provided you could close up that gap a little bit?

      • Having had a quick look at the cover you have up for THE MILESTONE TAPES I personally don’t feel it’s that similar. It has a different, more ominous feel to it than that of the one you’ve used on THE MILESTONE TAPES. The one on THE MILESTONE TAPES reflects more of the woodland feel that I get looking at that cover.

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