My Little World

This, I love ... my leaded glass book sign ... I feel very much like a bibliophile.

Everyone needs a little inspiration, right?
The computer … complete with Washington State

In my novel, THE MILESTONE TAPES, my protagonist Jenna is a writer.  And part of her world includes the most beautiful office, as she mused … it’s where she constructed worlds to perfect to really exist .

I think, when I writing the book that making Jenna’s world the way I did was almost purposeful since I had literally no dedicated work space myself.  I ultimately was living vicariously through my character.  And, of course, my desire for a space manifested itself into what I would consider the perfect home office for a writer.

I primarily wrote THE MILESTONE TAPES in two places … my bed and my kitchen table, but I also wrote on a plane, by the pool, on the couch and in a hotel room.  Obviously, not ideal.  But hey, whats a girl to do?  Build an office?  No … that’s what husbands are for 🙂

Last fall I left the house, off to another full 10 hour day at my “real-world” job.  It was a national holiday … so though I was working… my husband, Mark, had the day blissfully free.  Little did I know, I’d come home that night to the manifestation of my greatest wish … a real writers workshop in the comfort of a spare room.

So, I think since I’ve shared so much about writing … I should show you were I actually practice what I preach … This is where the magic happens

My little place in the world ... welcome to my writers enclave.


Writing, yes … it’s easier when you have a place to do it.  I’m more productive, less haphazard and happier in my office than anywhere else … though, I still find myself crunching out blogs and pages in bed or on the couch or anywhere I can.  But in my office, I can shut the world out for thirty minutes or six hours, I can be lost in the world I’m writing about … alone with my music and my story.

Since I live in Chicago and write about Washington, I’ve made a point of surrounding myself with things that smack of the Olympic Peninsula.  From the wall color down to the accents, it makes sense that even being far away I can feel connected and draw inspiration from what’s around me.

What's a writers office without a library?

This is where I get to tell stories!




5 thoughts on “My Little World

  1. I need a much larger workspace than yours, although this is possibly just because I’m a man, and tend to bump into things with my elbows a lot.

  2. Lol, I must have been a man, once; my elbows (and wrists, and shoulders, and all in between) used to knock into everything! Then I became a woman, and starting ramming into things with my hips instead.
    Loving the “BOOKS” sign, Ashley!

    • I think there’s an aphorism here. Let’s see:

      When I was a young girl, I walked as a child did, bumping by knees, wrists, and elbows into every object I passed.
      When I became a woman, I bumped into things with my hips instead.
      When I was a young boy, I walked as a child did, bumping by knees, wrists, and elbows into every object I passed.
      When I became a man, nothing changed.

  3. I’ve found that the smaller the space, the better I work. I like things “just so” … clean, neat and above all else … ORGANIZED! I have the pin board for the things that don’t belong elsewhere … and everything else has a spot … and it better be in it’s spot!

    The BOOKS sign was a gift from my Mom. It was done by a husband/wife team in Colorado and modeled after, where else, Rialto Beach. That was the place the story came to me … and so it fit. I’m madly in love with it.

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