It Is Award Season After all …


Something very cool happened today, and all of the credit goes to one of my followers … Ben.

I was doing my mid-afternoon e-mail check and I noticed I had a comment on the blog … only, it wasn’t a comment that was the usual conversational sort, it was a notification.  Ben had given me the great honor of being one of his favorite blogs … and ergo earning myself a very awesome TVB nomination.

I should probably say … that’s amazing for so many reasons (I’ve never been nominated for anything, ever … seriously!) but mostly because this blog is so new … to be counted in anyone’s top 15 blows my mind.  And so it’s with sincere gratitude that I thank Ben for making me and my little La Bella Novella Blog feel really special on this frigid January day.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably scratching your head wondering what the heck is the TVB … or, if you’re really like me, you’re frantically googling TVB.

The Versatile Blogger nomination is like a sort of digital Friendship Bread … or a chain letter you’d actually like to receive.  If you’re nominated, there are rules … and you play along because it’s actually kind of fun, passing the torch to your favorite 15.

Now, if I’ve nominated you, here’s what happens next …

1. Steal the above picture entitled “STEAL ME” … that is your badge of honor.  Post it on your blog and wear it proudly!

2. Thank the person who gave you the nom nod.  (P.S: thanks for the great reading material!)

3. Share the love, pick your personal favorite 15 … rinse and repeat.

Now … my personal 15 are as follows and in absolutely no particular order …

* blog of the author Danielle Shipley

I discovered after Danielle stopped by my blog multiple time and quickly pointed out that we do have much in common.  She was never without a word of encouragement and much kindness … which, is why I started following her blog as well.  She’s a writer with beautiful prose and a creative mind.

* blog of the author Kathrine Hawkings

Kathrine is an amazing writer, I’ve featured her on my blog and been featured on her for my “girl crush” on Stephenie Meyer.  She’s about to publish her first novel, The Sphinx Project and has just an amazing future ahead of her … her words and thoughts are just plain fun!

* blog of the extraordinary photographer Renu Sharma 

This one is a slight departure since it’s not a “wordpress” or “blogger” site but rather a deviant art.  But, this is the VERSATILE BLOGGER award after all and beside the stunning gallery of her word sits a quaint little blog.  What I love about Renu, and what won her a spot, is her passion.  You can see it in her work … it literally drips from the page.  She has the ability to capture not only images … but emotions.  It’s a gift and it’s definitely award worthy.

* blog of the author Monica LaPorta

If you want to talk versatility, you better include Monica LaPorta in the mix.  Right now the front page of features a collection of doll house miniatures, sugar flowers (that she made!  I know, shut up right?) and flash fiction.  This girl can and does do it all.

* blog of the author Shiromi Arserio 

I couldn’t be happier about including Shiromi on my short list of favorites.  She’s just the nicest lady you could ever want to meet.  Shiromi is an actress, traveller and of course, a writer with the beautiful novel The Huntsman’s Tale on her resume.

*  blog of the author Sean Van Damme

I like Sean … though it’s true we write for perfectly different genres, he’s a fun blog to follow since he’s not all business-as-usual all the time … like myself, he explores the art of writing with quick wit and the occasional levity.

* blog of … guess who … agent Carly Watters

In publishing, we call them the gatekeepers … the elite agent who holds the future of your career in the palm of their hand.  Love ’em or hate ’em we can learn from them.  During my query-worry stage, I discovered the blog of Carly Watters, lit agent.  Her’s is a business minded blog that speaks to the author, pulling back the exclusive velvet rope and giving a glimpse (with perfect prose) into what to expect when you’re expecting a deal or rejection. Bottom line,  it’s a really great industry focused blog that gives an author an upper hand in whats behind door number one.

whew … we’re over half way there … must. keep. nominating.

* blog of author Kali Amanda Browne

Run … right now … to Kali’s blog.  I almost died when I clicked on the link to visit it … under the title “I love being a writer” is a picture of an old woman in a very age appropriate track suit with a pair of boxing gloves on.  And that, is why this writer loves Kali Amanda Browne … and her blog.

* blog of … um … I’m not really sure.

From posts about being a new father to posts about twitter making him feel old, this blog is absolutely the place to go if you want to laugh and relate.  I don’t really know much about who the blog belongs too officially … only that he is hysterical … and absolutely deserves a nom nod from this girl simply for the pure comedy and ridiculousness he puts out for the world to read.  Bravo, whoever you are.

9 down … 6 to go … okay, I’m going to make a confession: most of my time spent on this computer is spent writing.  The blogs I’m listing I actually read … but the truth is, I don’t have a perfect 15, not on the tip my tongue at least.  It would appear that I’m not even close to having 15 … unless 9 is the new 6?  Maybe?

 I have visited so many blogs over the course of actually being a blogger … but I’m also a total ditz and forgetful and bad at book-marking.  I’m sure as soon as I publish this post I’ll be ugh … I’m such a moron … I forget X, XX, and XXX … and then I’ll update and moments later have the same realization.  So, I’m going to give my weary fingers and blank mind a break … have a little pizza … watch a little Dateline Mystery and update later … okay?

To my top 9 out of 15 (thus far) … congratulations.  I love all of your blogs and appreciate the effort you pour into them.  Thank you for giving me an online outlet and best of blogging luck in the future!








3 thoughts on “It Is Award Season After all …

  1. You are most welcome. And I would hardly say that all the credit goes to me– after all, it was your writing that got you the award!

  2. Gratzi, Ashley! (Please tell me that’s even half-proper Italian… the Italian-American protagonist from a fantasy saga of mine would give me dirty looks, otherwise.) *Your* encouragment and kindness is much-appreciated. ^-^

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