In With 2012

2011 was an amazing year.  I feel really lucky to have had such a wonderful stretch of time, 365 really good days … thankful for all the really interesting and wonderful things that came into my life and blessed to able to have had such an adventure … yeah, 2011 was a wild ride.  It’s a little bit astounding to look back, solidly into 2012 for the sum of 48 minutes (and counting!), and know that this new year could possibly be even better.  That … right now … in one year from this moment my whole life could be just a little different.  Days and hours and weeks … sometimes even months … get lost as we live our lives … but somehow, we always remember how we felt and where we were when the year at large ended.

The new year has always made me just a little sad.  I think of myself as a really lucky person.  I have my health, my husband, my family, my friends … I’m surrounded by good things and I have the freedom to chase dreams.  I am always left wondering … how could it be better than this?  This is so good.  But, I have faith … faith that the good can be better, and the better be best.  So it’s with optimism that I look forward to the new adventure of the new year.

I want to wish you all a very happy New Year.  To thank you all for visiting my blog for the past few months … your words and support mean so much to me.  I received an e-mail from WordPress just a few hours ago tallying up my mark on this blogosphere for 2011 … I’ve had visitors from India, the UK, Canada, and even South America, Africa … actually, I don’t think there is a continent or country I didn’t reach.  That, to me, is amazing.  They told me how many San Fransico trollies it would take to transport you all.  The number, though I knew them, still surprised me.  My little blog that could … and did … do pretty awesome things.  And that, my joy, belongs to you … it’s because of you.

I hope you stay tuned in the new year … because bigger and better things are just around the corner.







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