This Story Broke My Heart

While I don’t normally touch on current events in my blog, I heard a story today about a dog named Isis that really just broke my heart.  In my anger and outrage, I realized that there is no appropriate outlet for something like this … and it’s just very sad.

I’m an animal lover.  I have three fur babies, one of which is a rescue.  Animals, in general, hold a special place in my heart because I know the joy and love they can bring — and how selflessly they adore their owners.

The story of Isis is this …

A “mutt,” Isis was a family dog until her family found a new home and couldn’t keep her any longer.  Saturday morning, the parents sent their son on a walk with Isis and told him “let her off her leash, tell her to go away” … so, he did.

But, Isis loved her people — and trusted them.  She followed them as they moved their belonging in a shopping cart to their new home.  And when they arrived, they locked Isis out.  It was 25 degrees and Isis howled and barked to come inside … but her people ignored her.

Isis was tempted by some neighborhood children and followed them.  They beat her with baseball bats and broom handles until Isis was bloody and broken.  She limped to the “new” home her family lived in and collapsed on the ground outside.  No one tended to her … her family heard her cries and ignored her.  She suffered and froze until someone called the police at 6pm.

They arrived and noticed the bloody paw prints and set out to tend to the dog.  Her owners opened the door for the police and explained they “didn’t want her anymore” …

Her owners have been charged with animal cruelty and the kids that beat her remain at large.


This story is disgusting, disturbing and revolting on so many levels … it’s hard to decide exactly which one hurts the most.  Is it the owners with their “throwaway” mentality?  Is it the callous children who beat a helpless, scared dog because they were bored?

There are just moments in life when you can really say and believe that you don’t like the world we live in.  For me, this is a moment like that.

People should hear the story of Isis … please, pass it along.




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