Blog Party for Michael Kingswood

Well, our last interview is going live.  It’s been a beautiful month and all the authors who freely gave of their time and knowledge have my deepest gratitude.

Last, but certainly not least, is author Michael Kingswood.  A Boston University graduate, pilot and scuba diver, Michael somehow manages to find time to write novels and short stories.  This is his NaNoWriMo journey…




Michael Kingswood


-Blog/Website Address:


-Tell us about you:


I’m 36.  Married with three kids (oldest turns four next month pastedGraphic.pdf ).  My degree’s in Mechanical Engineering (minor in Astronomy), and I have masters degree in Engineering Management and a Master of Business Administration.  I grew up on Tolkien, Eddings, Feist, and Brooks, as well as a heck of a lot of Dungeons and Dragons.  During the day, I’m a professional Naval Officer.  I’ve been on Active Duty for 14 and a half years, most of it on submarines though now I’m an education and training management specialist.  I grew up just outside of DC, so I’m a hardcore Redskins fan (even though they’ve sucked for a while).  I went to school in Boston and married a girl from Maine, so I’m also a Red Sox fan.  I like dogs, and as far as I’m concerned the only good cat is General Tso’s Chicken.  pastedGraphic_1.pdf  I started playing violin at age three.  At 13, I shifted over to the guitar because that was more cool.  I’m still proficient at both instruments.  I enjoy pretty much all music except rap, though I will admit there are a few rap tunes that I’ve enjoyed over the years.  As far as books go, I enjoy reading scifi, fantasy, techno-thrillers, economics, astronomy, history, and military fiction (ala Tom Clancy).  My other hobbies include running, cycling, karate, flying airplanes, skiing, scuba diving, sailing, and video games.  One of these days I need/want to get back into D&D again.  It’s been too long.  pastedGraphic_2.pdf


-NaNoWriMo is a lot of work, so we all want to know, what inspired you to join the writeathon?:


It’s a challenge.  I like challenges.  I’ve been writing seriously for a bit less than a year now.  I heard about NaNoWriMo and it instantly resonated, just like running a marathon, biking a century, or any of the other things I’ve done just because they’re challenging.  It should be fun!


-Do you have a plot idea, how about character description?


The novels I’ve written (or am writing) so far have all been scifi, while a lot of my short stories have been fantasy.  For this one I think I’ll roll out a fantasy tale.  I’m thinking something along the lines of Seven Samurai in a fantasy setting.  We’ll see how it goes.


-If so, how much pre-writeathon work have you done?:


Just thinking about a general plot.


-If not, why not?:


So far I’ve found outlining to be annoying.  Plus, I always deviate from the outline anyway, so screw it.


-What do you think your biggest personal challenge will be when it comes to NaNoWriMo?


I know for a fact I can git ‘r done if I’m not distracted.  But with a wife and three very little kids, distractions abound.  Carving out time and sticking to it will be the biggest difficulty.


-What sort of experience are you bringing to the table?


I’ve been writing seriously for almost a year.  I’ve completed one novel, three novelettes, and six short stories.  I have another novel about 1/3 done, a third 1/10 done, and either a novelette or novella (not sure how long it’ll really be) that’s in the begging phase still.


-If you’re already a writer, what your the “normal novel” pace?


Given no restrictions on time, how long would you say it takes you to write 50,000 words?  I finished my first novel in four months.  The second is taking longer.  *shrug*  Back in July, I challenged myself to crank out words while my wife and kids were away for 10 days.  I got out 29,000 words.  So I know for a fact I CAN do NaNoWriMo-level writing production.  With no distractions.


-Do you plan to keep working on this book/novella/script post-NaNo?:


But of course.


Your Turn!

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