Back From The Editor–Now, I Edit

You know what I love?  When people say they’re going to do something … and they just do it.

This afternoon I received back the copy of my book from the editor.  Lauren had promised that it would be about 28 days in her care, and it was just that … 28 days.  Nothing more.

The manuscript arrived back to me completely edited with tons of grammatical track changes, but (much to my surprise and joy) nothing structural–which was an amazing moment for me as a first time author to know, under the tutelage of a seasoned professional, that I did tell a story with no glaring hole and divots.  That I had managed, with my piecemeal skill, to flesh out my characters and give the reader a glimpse of life.

All thats left to do is muddle through the 400 plus pages and click accept.  Now, I can just be really excited to share the finished work with you…I know how it begins and how it ends.

As an early gift to you all, a thank you of sort for your patience and support, check out the tab “The Milestone Tapes” for the first excerpt from my forthcoming novel…


Your Turn!

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