Let’s Talk Websites

One of the very first things I do if I discover a product I love or a person in a profession I’m curious about is type the I have information into Google and hope that a website jumps up.  My favorite authors, actors, or personalities…well, I could spend hours on their sites playing around overcoming information and reading excerpts and background information.

Before Twitter or Facebook or blogging…all we had were websites…it may smack of the dark ages of the internet, but it’s still very relevant.  They were the place we went to connect with our favorite things and people.  A good website is like a virtual storefront, greeting folks and welcoming them inside.

Still, I never thought I’d “have a website”–it all seemed very, very above me.  But, after blogging a lot and hosting a bunch of interviews I noticed a common theme…everyone had a site. Couple that with the fact that on this blog I’m been fairly candid…something I wanted to do for all of you, but maybe not for a reader since a lot of what I’ve discussed is, well, industry mumbo-jumbo. It was then I realized, while I love to blog–and hope to continue doing so for a good, long while–I needed a professional doorstep as well.

I discovered Scarlett Ruger’s on the Kindleboards.  She was introduced to me as a cover artist, but after visiting her website, I realized she does far more than that.  She makes websites, too.  Warm and affable, I knew I really wanted to work with her in some capacity or another.  After e-mailing her back and forth and discussing the price with Mark, I decided to jump right in and have her do the heavy lifting of website design.

Since I don’t have a lot of “me” to share…no backlist, no previously celebrated accolades…I knew the site would be small, but I wanted it to have a heart.  I wanted to capture the Olympic Peninsula in pictures, let you all inside the world I write and give someone a place to go to if they want to connect.

And, I’m very excited.

There are many moments when writing a book becomes bigger than you are as an individual and amounts suddenly to the sum of its parts.  The first time you hold the manuscript in your hand, the first time you see your cover, the first time an agent takes you seriously…and now, for me, it’s having a domain name that is my own.

So, blog buddies…my question is this…do you have a website?  What do you do with yours?


Your Turn!

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