The X-Factor, You & Me

Tonight I was watching The X Factor and I caught the part where Stacy Francis was singing.  I should probably say Stacy isn’t my favorite…but she’s a pretty darn good singer.  This week was “rock week”…the singers sang, well, what else but a rock song.

Stacy story goes like this:  She’s a mother and she was a wife.  Her ex-husband allegedly put her hands on her and she escaped the bad marriage to go on to bigger things, to get out and save herself.  She had a dream of becoming a singer.  She ran after her dream and after several false starts and a lot of stops, she now takes the stage as a finalist on The X Factor under the tutelage of Pussy Cat Doll, Nicole S.

Now, please don’t get me wrong, the drama surrounding her has been telling.  She came on the scene saying “nope, I’ve never done this before” when that is less than true.  And while I don’t understand the lying nor do I support it–I can always, always get behind someone chasing a dream.

That brings us here…

Tonight Stacy took the stage singing Meatloaf’s It’s All Coming Back To Me ballad that was, once upon a time, covered by Celine Dion.  She didn’t kill it but she did good.  However, the judges fired back with scathing criticism of her song choice.  And, as it turns out, Stacy picked that out herself (no eye daggers for Nicole tonight I suppose).

I sat in my bed and watched Stacy go stone-faced as the panel pummeled her with their verbal rocks.  And I realized…what we do, with the whole putting ourselves and our books out there…it’s not really so different.  We may not have the bright lights and back up singers…but we have our voice–sung or written–it’s what we’ve got, love it or leave it.

I’m not doing this post to discuss her lackluster night or even point out the fact that we’re more alike than different.  I’m posting because she handled herself in such away that…for lack of better words…is something we walk away with in our back pocket.

Stacy did herself proud.  She got out there, dropped the pretenses and let her inner wounds run clean.  She faced the trauma of her own back story and laid it out for America to bare witness.  It may not have been the best of the night or the season…but she lived up to what her fans wanted to see of her.  And that’s exactly what she said “I did this because this is what I wanted to do”…okay, not her words–they’re my own–but the message was clear.

When you’re shooting for the stars and you don’t make it…how you handle yourself in that moment is as important as anything else you’ll ever do.  I’ve faced rejection over and over again on this journey…but even in the face that, it remains true that I did this because this is what I wanted to do.  So, an agent in New York, another in Canada and one on the far left coast didn’t love it…if my future readers do, if I can live up to their yet-unknown expectations, that’s a source of pride.  And that’s all I really need…all you really need…all Stacy Francis really needs.



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