Blog Party for Shel Delisle

Shel Delisle, author of DOLPHIN GIRL, joins us from Florida today to discuss her NaNo project.

-Name: Shel Delisle

-Blog/Website Address:

-Tell us about you:

I’m the author of the contemporary YA novel Dolphin Girl and one of the founders of Whatcha’ Reading Now?, the popular kids lit community.  I also have a wonderful hubby, three sporty boys, and a very hairy dog.  When I have spare time *grins*, I make truly scrumptious cookies.

-NaNoWriMo is a lot of work, so we all want to know, what inspired you to join the writeathon?:

I have a burning desire to finish this novel!  Plus, I want to write quickly to outwit my inner critic and end up with a fresh and honest first draft.  I can always haul that critic out later during revision.

-Do you have a plot idea, how about character description?

That’s a funny question!  Let me tell you why.  All of my books involve characters that are “rule breakers”.  Clearly, I’m one too, since this book had more than a hundred pages at the beginning of NaNo and that would be a big no-no.  NaNo. No-no. That’s kinda’ funny.

But, that said, I don’t want to be a cheat on the word count, so I’m throwing in some other projects, including a short story for an upcoming collaboration with some other writer friends.  On that, I know the character quite well and have a basic idea on plot.

-What do you think your biggest personal challenge will be when it comes to NaNoWriMo? (examples: time, other obligations, consistency of participation, writers block…):

Definitely time/other obligations.  I’m the mother of three.  The kids’ lit writing community Whatcha’ Reading Now?  takes a bit of effort. I’m promoting my newly released e-book and am at work on publishing-type stuff for another book that will release in early 2012.

-What sort of experience are you bringing to the table? (example: already an author):

I’ve written my whole life, but have only taken it seriously for the last seven years.  By seriously, I mean treating it like a job.  During the past seven years, I’ve set goals and participated in critique groups.  I’ve studied craft by taking classes, reading books and practice, practice, practice.  They say it takes 1 million words to become proficient.  Um, did I mention practice?

-If you’re already a writer, what’s your “normal novel” pace?  Given no restrictions on time, how long would you say it takes you to write 50,000 words?

I don’t think I’ve written enough novels to have a “normal” pace. The first novel I wrote took just under one month, but that was before I knew anything about writing. *grins*

I think the appeal of NaNo for me is to write with that kind of freedom and freshness again.  In my experience it’s not hard to write 50,000 words, but it can be challenging to write 50,000 good words.

When I think of time, it definitely includes revision.  So, my completed novels have taken anywhere from six months to two years.

-Do you plan to keep working on this book/novella/script post-NaNo?:

I plan to publish this book post NaNo!  After revisions, of course. J


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