And Off To The Editor We Go

Today was the day I’ve been waiting for.  The first step towards changing my book for the better.  It feels huge, like the writer in me’s day of comeuppance, I’m almost giddy with it.

I can tell you this … finding an editor is a really laborious process.  There are so many talented freelancers out there.  It makes finding the right one who will capture the essence of your voice and do the job in your likeness really hard.  But, it’s worth it.  And when you know, you know.

Prices vary greatly between editors.  I remember the first time I reached out to an editor, and she came back at me with a $3,000 bid.  I almost died.  I cried; sitting at my kitchen table, I hung my head and felt like I’d never be able to afford that, that’d I be forced to pause my project and play the waiting/saving game.  I could no more afford $3,000 that day than I could afford to fly to the moon.  I hadn’t saved for that, I had a small sum–but it was nothing that even came close to that.  Mark, as always, encouraged me to keep looking and as I did, the bids slowly started a downward trickle–and once we dropped below four-figures I could breathe again.

Then, I found Lauren Dee of Daisy Cakes Creative.  Don’t you just love her businesses name?

Lauren is a selective editor, the sort that doesn’t take every project passed to her…you have to query for her attention.  And once you have it, there is a waiting list.  I was on-hold for almost two months, but I didn’t mind because I liked her.  I wanted her to be the one to take this project on.

Lauren is one of the more a reasonably priced editors I approached, bringing to the table ten years of editorial experience working with NYT best-selling authors, smaller Indies and publishing houses alike.  She’s sweet and approachable, the naturally friendly sort–and she will go the extra mile to highlight her service, bringing it down to an understandable level for a newbie like myself. Her style of editing is classic, and her e-mails read just that way.

I told her, in plain text, that I was giving her my trust.  That I wanted her to be honest with me…if I need more than a copy/line edit–say so!  This book, it’s sort of everything to me, and if I need a bit more on the heavy side of make it publish-worthy, so be it.  Hold me accountable.

I’ll continue to post about this editing process as milestones or things arise.  It’s all part of the journey and I just took the first step…



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