Can You Guess What’s Floating In My Sprite?

My Surprise Sprite

If you’ve never had really good Chinese food, next time you’re in Chicago, I totally recommend you swing into Joy Yee Noddles for lunch or dinner.  It’s one of the best kept secrets, and always very busy–so prepare for a wait.

Everything you’ll consume (in giant portions) is hand made in their open kitchen. It’s authentic pan-asian cuisine to die for.  Fresh chicken and seafood, beef and vegetables, fruit’s so rare and exotic you’ll have to ask the waiter what it taste like, soups served in punch bowls, rice served in severed pineapples, and sauces so savory they’ll haunt you.  It’s a trip for your mouth to another place; flavorful and delish–a little avant gaud.

My husband, Mark, and I went yesterday for lunch.  We’d been craving for really good Asian food and were bored to tears with our neighborhood delivery place.

I’m rarely all about new things, new flavors, exciting food…so I decided to stay straight and ordered a Strawberry Spite–the picture looked amazing (yes, the menu offers snap shots of your entree).  The waiter regretfully informed me, no such luck, they were all out of strawberries.  Shucks.  He recommended a surprise Sprite.  I nodded in agreement and waited patiently for it arrive.

That is what showed up…

Can you guess what fruit was floating, all bloated, inside?

We promptly texted everyone–prompting them to guess, and of course teasing asking if they wanted a sip.  Most people were like “WTF”…but really, it was pretty good. One person guessed “jelly fish”–as if.  Other’s knew it was a fruit.  And only one person nailed it.

It’s Lychee.  A Lychee Sprite.  A little sweet, a little sour, a whole lot of interesting.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick a few up in the produce aisle, add them to your drink—it’s a twist on the normal, I promise!




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