NaNoWriMo Muse–Hedging Your Bets With Just a Little Luck.

I’m not superstitious–let me start with that so you’ll know this comes from a place of curiosity rather than deeply rooted lore.  I’ll never be one to throw salt over my shoulder.  I step on cracks all the time–and mothers back is just fine. I have no problem with ladders–I’ll climb them, walk around them, or under them.  I think black cats are adorable.


Who can’t use just a little more luck?

This morning I was playing around on Etsy, a site that it supported by Indie crafters and artists–and I typed in NaNoWriMo just for fun.  Up popped a cluster of NaNoWriMo muse dolls (in my opinion they looked more like voodoo dolls…but, whatever).  The search peaked my curiosity…do people really get muses to help them through the month of NaNo?  So, what’s a girl to do but research.

Most of the pages directly linked to NaNo forum have been moved and ergo were unfound.  But, what I did see was this…

It’s not uncommon.

Some people buy CD’s…others opt for stuffed animals–or voodoo-esk dolls. But, the practice of getting something to encourage you along isn’t unheard of.

I was in Barnes and Noble looking around later and found this lovely four leaf clover paperweight.  After reading the information card on the back, I knew–I’d found my muse.  I don’t know if it will inspire me so much as capture the feel of my NaNoWriMo manuscript.  Faith, hope, love, luck….sounds a lot like NaNo to me.

Will you be using a muse this year?  Something to inspire you and encourage you along?

Meet My Muse


One thought on “NaNoWriMo Muse–Hedging Your Bets With Just a Little Luck.

  1. I hope my senior minstrel’s not too busy to be a muse to me today, because the chapter coming up in my WiP really needs a minstrel-quality song, and I can’t write those on my own!

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