So Excited To Announce!!

Starting November 1st and running through November 30th, I’ll be hosting a blog tour–or, lets call it a NaNoWriMo blog party.

I’ve reached out to some pretty fantastic people and asked them to share their NaNoWriMo experiences with me–and of course–all of you.  The amount of responses was warming, there are so many good people willing to help and share and give their knowledge freely.

All throughout the month of November you will be treated to stories from the trenches.  People just like you, some have done it before (I call them Vets), for others this is their first go round (I call them Virgins).  Through a list of questions, you’ll get to know them, learn a little something, and hopefully find more goodness out there in world-wide-web.

Be sure to sign up for a subscription to be notified by the next guest pops by to share their story!


Your Turn!

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