The Soundtrack Of My Story (unofficial, of course)

When I read a book I really love–I always wonder–what did the author surround herself with to create this?  There is something otherworldly in knowing what enclosed her in order to bring this story to life for me.  Writing is such a labor of love, and inspiration for that next word, sentence, paragraph, chapter…it must comes from somewhere.

For me, I write to music.  In my little world, it set the tone.  It helped me understand the inner workings of a life I wasn’t living, the choices I wasn’t making, the sentiment I wasn’t organically feeling.  Through these songs, all of that became visceral–I could touch those things with my fingertips, go to those places in my mind and be present enough to put all of that into words.

This is my soundtrack to THE MILESTONE TAPES:

Fix You — Javier Colon (The Voice iTunes version)

Scars — Anna Nalick

Good Life — One Republic

1973 — James Blunt

Perfect Girl — Sarah McLachlan

The House That Built Me — Miranda Lambert

Only You — Joshua Radin

Brighter Than The Sun — Colbie Caillat

What If You — Joshua Radin

Answer — Sarah McLachlan

Burning Bridges — Jason Mraz (unreleased)

Broken — Lifehouse

Chances — Five For Fighting

The Remedy — Jason Mraz (the live version)

Enchanted — Taylor Swift

Shine — Anna Nalick

A Beautiful Mess — Jason Mraz (live from Chicago)

**Thank you to all the amazing songsters and songstresses who created the music that bled from my speakers and encouraged my craft…you all had a huge in hand in the speed and the depth at which this book came to fruition.  Hugs and gratitude outpouring.**


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