A Major Hiccup In My Book (pulling my hair out along with other things)

In THE MILESTONE TAPES, there is this moment–it’s really sentimental and warm and sad and all sorts of other things–and there is a children’s book that does capture that moment in its entirety.  It speaks to the way Jenna feels about this particular threshold of Mia’s life, the inevitability of it and how it should be approached with hope and joy–it’s an adventure.  There are certain things Jenna knows to anticipate at certain ages–and she speaks in the context of those moments–be it to an adult, a teen or a child.  And this is one of those rare moments that could happen at any time, and Jenna speaks so universally through the words of this book that are timeless.  I can’t do without it…yet, I can’t use it (copyrights and such).

I’m suck wading my way through saying the same thing my own, less beautiful, words.  It sucks.  I can do it.  Sure I can.  But I worry that it won’t encapsulate the same feelings for the reader.  It won’t remind them of that milestone in their own lives, of what their own mother/father said as they passed it by.

Here’s to the joy of chunking the book down by pages :/

(P.S: I have absolutely no idea how to rewrite this…I could cry…)


Well, that didn’t take long.

And actually, it opened an opportunity to discuss something I’d wanted to fit in.  I think it works–hopefully others will agree!


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