With Much Thanks

An amazing thing happened.  A month ago I started a blog.  I expected nothing from it, honestly.  I’ve tried blogging before–it was not my flavor, disastrous results and never a single visitor.  But, when I started writing my book and decided to publish it, so many people were championing a blog as the best way to introduce myself and let potential readers in, I decided to try this whole thing on for size again.

It fit!

I want to start this post with a simple, yet huge, thank you.  So, so much thanks.  It’s one thing to write a blog, to share myself and my story with the internet at large, it’s another entirely to click on my dashboard and watch the ticker-tape of visitors climb with each day. I can’t really explain what it means to me to be read…but I can just say, it’s pure awesome.

I have this paradox of 28 in my life right now.  Good things happen on the 28th…it’s becoming my “lucky number”…

1. I started this blog on August 28th

2. My cover artist finished my cover on September 28th

3. My editor is taking my book on October 28th…and it will take her 28 days to edit it.

It sort of feels like magic.

Today is my one month anniversary of being a blogger…the day my cover was finished…and the day I realized good things come on 28’s.

Thank you all!!


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