The Prodigy of Kickstart

Who has heard of this?  I found it on a podcast and visited the site today–okay, I did more than visit, I applied.

Maybe this method is unconventional…plugging your story to mini-philantropists in hopes of scraping together enough money to push your dream towards the finish line…but I like it, a lot.

Here’s my take–it’s only worth two cents, so it’s a bargain…

Sometimes a dream is bigger than one person.  Bigger than what they are capable of alone, bigger than their personal bank account, bigger than they ever thought they’d do and totally under prepared for it.  But, that’s essentially what dreams are…for stretching and growing.

When I started my book, it was just this bat-shit crazy idea I had.  It was this story I wanted to tell, but the actualities of my life held me.  I’m not a writer.  I don’t have a fancy education from a big 10 school with a diploma hanging on my wall championing my greatness.  That is so not me.

That’s the part where this writing became a dream…because wasn’t a set of tools I had, it was something outside of everything I knew.  The further I went, the more I wanted it, and suddenly what I didn’t have wasn’t as important as what I could have.

I think that’s the point of a place like Kickstart, and the many others.  It gives people the chance to really, really dream big.


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